Residential HVAC Services

Our qualified professional staff is here to service your heating & cooling needs

At Zimmer Heating & Cooling in Cincinnati, OH, we understand that heating and air conditioning issues can arise at any time, often when you least expect them. That’s why we offer after hours emergency service to ensure that you’re never left in the cold or the heat without professional assistance. Our dedicated team of qualified professionals are here to address your heating and cooling needs promptly. We are your trusted experts in:

Heating & Air Conditioning Installation

Ensuring a comfortable indoor temperature is crucial. Zimmer Heating & Cooling excels in HVAC installation in the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton areas, enhancing your climate control.

Heating & Air Conditioning Maintenance

Regular maintenance is vital for preventing unexpected HVAC issues. With Zimmer Heating & Cooling, trust our expertise for issue diagnosis, efficient resolution, and year-round peak system efficiency. Count on us to avoid unexpected problems with reliable maintenance and service.

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In addition to the above services, Zimmer Heating & Cooling is proud to offer the following Quality HVAC Services to our customers in the Greater Cincinnati and Dayton areas:


  1. Check air filters/Replace filters.
  2. Tighten electrical connections.
  3. Clean blower assembly.
  4. Check gas valve.
  5. Inspect flue pipe and draft diverter.
  6. Check operation of safety controls.
  7. Clean and adjust burners.
  8. Test and adjust gas pressure.
  9. Clean interior of burner compartment.
  10. Inspect heat exchanger.
  11. Test for gas leaks in furnace.
  12. Check furnace in operation.
  13. Check CO level.
  14. Check ignition controls.


  1. Check air filters/Replace filters.
  2. Tighten electrical connections.
  3. Clean/check blower assembly.
  4. Check operation of safety controls.
  5. Inspect contractor contacts.
  6. Clean and check condenser coil.
  7. Check and record start and run amps.
  8. Flush condensate drain lines.
  9. Check start‐run capacitor.


  1. Check air filters/Replace filters.
  2. Check reversing valve.
  3. Clean blower assembly.
  4. Check defrost cycle.
  5. Check sequencer.
  6. Check heating elements.


  1. Replace oil nozzle.
  2. Replace oil filter.
  3. Check air filters/Replace filters.
  4. Check ignition controls.
  5. Adjust barometric/draft regulator.
  6. Clean and check fill valve (for boilers).
  7. Drain expansion tank (for boilers).
  8. *Doesn’t include draining, refilling, or bleeding of boilers.
  9. Inspect heat exchanger.
  10. Check fill valve.
  11. Check circulation pumps.


  1. Clean housing.
  2. Clean drain.
  3. Replace water pad.
  4. Check operation.


  1. Remove and clean cells.
  2. Check or replace filter
  3. Check power pack.
  4. Check operation.

If you are interested in our Residential Maintenance Program, with discounts on the above pricing, please contact us and one of our customer service agents will get back with you as soon as possible.