The central air system for 'hard to fit' homes.
Spacepak Air

Space-Pak is the central air conditioning system of choice for homes unable to accommodate conventional systems: “ductless” homes heated with hot water; steam or electric radiant heat; older homes with limited space; and historical landmarks where architectural integrity must be preserved. When space is a problem, Space-Pak installs beautifully without major remodeling. Space-Pak makes it easy to install central air conditioning in your home without major remodeling. And there’s no need for the large sheet metal ducting required by other central alr systems. The Space-Pak system uses flexible, 2″ diameter insulated tubing small enough to be fed behind existing wall construction. Cool air is delivered through inconspicuous round openings in ceilings, walls and floors.


Space-Pak’s exclusive coil design removes up to 30% more moisture from the air than conventional air conditioning systems. Because the humidity level is lower, you will feel cool and comfortable at a higher, more energy-efficient thermostat setting. And a cool, dry environment helps preserve your home’s furnishings as well. Based on U.S. Department of Energy efficiency ratings, Space-Pak carries a 10+ S.E.E.R. (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) with some models exceeding 11.2. So you can feel confident that your Space-Pak system is as efficient as it is comfortable.


Space-Pak cools your rooms using the aspiration principle. A high velocity air stream gently mixes with the air in the room to provide uniform, draft-free cooling. This process eliminates hot and cold layers by keeping the air evenly and comfortably distributed from floor to ceiling.


Specially-designed noise reduction tubing absorbs the regular sounds of air movement before the air enters the room. Slight sounds produced by the indoor fan coil’s blower motor are isolated within the unit cabinet so air-conditioned comfort is felt, not heard. Space-Pak also accepts a variety of air cleaning devices, an important benefit for allergy sufferers and homeowners concerned with air quality.


Whether you have an older home, condominium or townhouse, or are custom building a new home, your professional Space-Pak dealer can show you how Space-Pak fits into your plans. He’ll determine your equipment needs and make sure your new Space-Pak system provides years of carefree comfort for you and your family. Because of its compact design and flexibility, Space-Pak can often be installed in just one day. Best of all, you won’t have to endure the added expense and inconvenience of cosmetic carpentry that comes with traditional central air conditioning systems.


  • Small 2″ diameter outlets can be installed in ceilings, walls or floors
  • Can be painted or wallpapered to match surroundings
  • Zimmer custom stains outlets to fit wood floors and walls.
  • 2″ diameter flexible tubing can be theaded through closets or between wall studs or ceiling joists
  • Cools by aspiration for quiet, uniform air circulation from floor to ceiling
  • Removes up to 30% more moisture than conventional systems
  • Provides greater comfort at higher, more efficient thermostat settings
  • Fast easy installation
  • Accepts a variety of air cleaning devices for improved air quality
  • Hydronic heating coil package available
  • Over 25 years of successful installations


  1. Check air filters/Replace filters.
  2. Tighten electrical connections.
  3. Clean blower assembly.
  4. Check gas valve.
  5. Inspect flue pipe and draft diverter.
  6. Check operation of safety controls.
  7. Clean and adjust burners.
  8. Test and adjust gas pressure.
  9. Clean interior of burner compartment.
  10. Inspect heat exchanger.
  11. Test for gas leaks in furnace.
  12. Check furnace in operation.
  13. Check CO level.
  14. Check ignition controls.


  1. Check air filters/Replace filters.
  2. Tighten electrical connections.
  3. Clean/check blower assembly.
  4. Check operation of safety controls.
  5. Inspect contractor contacts.
  6. Clean and check condenser coil.
  7. Check and record start and run amps.
  8. Flush condensate drain lines.
  9. Check start‐run capacitor.


  1. Check air filters/Replace filters.
  2. Check reversing valve.
  3. Clean blower assembly.
  4. Check defrost cycle.
  5. Check sequencer.
  6. Check heating elements.


  1. Replace oil nozzle.
  2. Replace oil filter.
  3. Check air filters/Replace filters.
  4. Check ignition controls.
  5. Adjust barometric/draft regulator.
  6. Clean and check fill valve (for boilers).
  7. Drain expansion tank (for boilers).
  8. *Doesn’t include draining, refilling, or bleeding of boilers.
  9. Inspect heat exchanger.
  10. Check fill valve.
  11. Check circulation pumps.


  1. Clean housing.
  2. Clean drain.
  3. Replace water pad.
  4. Check operation.


  1. Remove and clean cells.
  2. Check or replace filter
  3. Check power pack.
  4. Check operation.

If you are interested in our Residential Maintenance Program, with discounts on the above pricing, please contact us and one of our customer service agents will get back with you as soon as possible.