Comfort, Convenience and Control

Giving home owners control over the finishing touches is how we truly make your space your own.

Comfort Schedules

Homeowners can set schedules to enjoy comfort when they are home, and help with energy savings while they are away.

Smart Recovery

Monitors conditions to learn the best way to bring the home to its scheduled temperature

Remote Access

From anywhere with an iOS® or Android® device, or from a computer

Ecobee Smart Thermostats

Intuitive, Premium Quality Thermostats

The ecobee thermostats, Powered by Carrier, offer the same excellent user experience as all ecobee thermostats. They are intuitive, easy-to-use and an aesthetically pleasing addition to any wall.

It’s So Smart, It’s a No-Brainer

Homeowners everywhere are joining the smart home movement, ecobee thermostats are recognized for their user-friendliness, energysaving potential and all-around “cool” factor. Combine that with Carrier indoor comfort products, these new thermostats should provide a new, exciting option for home owners.

Infinity® System Control

Premium comfort, efficiency and convenience at your fingertips


The Infinity System Control, when matched with Infinity system products with Greenspeed® intelligence, provides homeowners with ultra-precise comfort. As conditions change, Greenspeed intelligence makes very subtle adjustments to adaptable-speed components to deliver smooth, superior heating, cooling, humidity management and airflow along with extra energy efficiency.


Choose your comfort settings, walk away and let the Infinity System Control do the thinking for you. Advanced Smart Setback ensures smooth and timely transitions between programmed settings for added efficiency and comfort. And, occupancy sensing automatically sets the system back for savings when you leave, then resets the system for comfort upon your return.

One-Touch Simplicity

Our Touch•N•Go® feature allows simple, one-touch access to programmed comfort settings so you can quickly and easily switch from current levels as your needs change. It’s an easy way to maintain economy of operation and control over your comfort.