Carrier WeatherMaker® Commercial Packaged Rooftops

Carrier WeatherMaker® Commercial Packaged Rooftops

Carrier WeatherMaker® Commercial Packaged Rooftops
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Things to Consider Before You Buy

Easy to Install, Operate and Service

Designed with streamlined installation in mind, Carrier® WeatherMaker® rooftops have everything you need from handled access doors to certified and pre-engineered factory installed options and field installed accessories. Most Carrier rooftops are also designed with the same roof curb footprint to fit on older models dating back over 20 years.

Factory and field stocked, WeatherMaker units are available in gas heating/electric cooling, electric heat/electric cooling or packaged heat pumps and deliver SEERs as high as 13.4 and EERs up to 11.3. WeatherMaker rooftops have the capability for vertical or horizontal air flow for fast and easy installation. High-efficiency gas heating (up to 82% efficiency) with induced draft design facilitates long life and safe operation. Carrier WeatherMaker rooftops can satisfy nearly any light commercial application need.

Turn to the Experts

Truly a leader in innovation, Carrier was the first company to utilize environmentally sound Puron® refrigerant in HVAC units. Without depleting the ozone layer, Puron refrigerant delivers ideal indoor air quality. Today over 2.5 million homes and businesses operate on Puron refrigerant-based HVAC systems. And as emphasis on environmental sensitivity continues to increase, Puron refrigerant will only become more relevant. Puron refrigerant is the refrigerant of the future.