Carrier CENTURION Premium Packaged Rooftops

Carrier CENTURION Premium Packaged Rooftops

Carrier CENTURION Premium Packaged Rooftops
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Premium Packaged Rooftops

Things to Consider Before You Buy


As the recognized leader in providing constant volume packaged equipment to the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) market, Carrier once again demonstrates its leadership by providing a rooftop unit with ultra high efficiencies, combined with easy service and high reliability that utilizes Puron® refrigerant. And since Puron refrigerant is not affected by the 2010 Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) ban, you can rest assured that the operating and maintenance cost savings provided by these CenturionTM Premium Packaged Rooftop units, available from 2 to 25 tons and in 13 sizes, will last.

Centurion rooftop units are now available with the EnergyXTM system which precon-ditions the rooftop’s intake air allowing higher operating efficiencies and increased comfort control while reducing the cooling and heating capacity requirements of the Centurion. Also available, the Humidi-iZer Adaptive Dehumidifi-cation system provides the Centurion an even greater degree of operational flexibility and enhances humidity control for consistently maintaining year round indoor comfort temperature and humidity levels.

The Right Level of Control

Centurion rooftop units may operate as part of a communicating network or as a stand-alone unit. Units are available with electromechanical controls or with Carrier’s ComfortLinkTM Direct Digital Controller (DDC). Units may be connected to the 3VTM Packaged Control System to maximize comfort and utility costs or to a simple thermostat for space temperature control.

The 3V Packaged Control System is Carrier’s commercial control system designed to maximize occupant comfort and minimize utility costs. It allows building devices to be accessed remotely or on-site, and ensures that building climate and energy control are operating according to specifications.

3V system components include factory- mounted unit controllers (like Carrier’s ComfortLink control system), space temperature sensors, system interface devices, and preprogrammed light commercial building controllers that can be used in any combination to control building heating, ventilation, air conditioning equipment, lighting and many other ancillary devices.

For stand-alone units, Carrier’s ComfortLink control system makes it easy to monitor and control each Centurion rooftop. A large scrolling marquee acts as a window into the unit’s operation, providing easy-to-read information such as unit pressures, temperatures and a host of read/write functions, which allow the user to configure the unit for precise operation. This intuitive interface greatly reduces start-up and operator training time.