YEW Geothermal Heat Pump</h1><h2>Models: 50YEW

YEW Geothermal Heat Pump

Models: 50YEW

High-Temperature Hot-Water Heating for Radiant/Hydronic Applications

Carrier’s YEW water-to-water model delivers hot-water temperatures of up to 145°F for demanding radiant or hydronic applications. Scroll compressor, Puron® refrigerant and onboard controls make this unit an exceptional performer. And it’s about 5 times more efficient than a traditional boiler. Euro-style cabinet design for aesthetics and quiet operation. Available in a 3 ton size.

Key Features

  • Puron® Refrigerant
  • Up to 4.2 COP (closed loop)
  • Up to 5.2 COP (open loop)
  • Delivers water temperatures up to 145°F
  • Designed for radiant/hydronic applications (heating only)
  • Single-stage scroll compressor for performance
  • Euro-style cabinet for great aesthetics
  • Onboard digital control for precision temperature control
  • Insulated cabinet for quiet operation
  • 10-year compressor limited warranty; 5-year parts limited warranty

Product Specs


Efficiency (Closed Loop) Up to 4.2 COP
Efficiency (Open Loop) Up 5.2 COP
Limited Warranty 10-year on compressor and refrigeration circuit, 5 years on other parts.
Sound Quiet operation achieved with fully insulated cabinet and double-isolation compressor mounting system.
Controls Supported Onboard control with digital user interface. Outdoor temperature reset and warm weather shutdown.
Diagnostics Onboard diagnostics.
Refrigerant Puron®
Compressor Single-stage scroll
Heating Capacity (BTUH) 30,800-42,600
Cooling Capacity (tons) N.A.
Aesthetics/Construction Heavy-duty cabinet made of galvanized steel, powder coated (choice of black or white). Stainless steel hinged front access door.
Other Generates up to 145°F water temperature for radiant/hydronic applications. Brazed plate stainless steel. Load heat exchanger. Wide variety of options.