Carrier Infinity 98 Gas Furnace

Carrier Infinity 98 Gas Furnace

Carrier Infinity 98 Gas Furnace
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Ultra-Efficient Gas Furnace with up to 97.4% AFUE

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Greenspeed Intelligence

Greenspeed intelligence is our unmatched technology that takes into account your complete comfort, from degrees to dollars to decibels. It marries adaptable-speed technology with Infinity intelligence to provide up to 97.4% heating efficiency, tight temperature control and quiet operation. It delivers precise comfort, constantly matching to the heating demands of the home. This translates into reduced energy use and reduced temperature swings throughout the home.

Ideal Humidity

All year long, humidity affects the temperature at which you feel most comfortable. That’s why Carrier Ideal Humidity System® technology plays such an important role in your comfort. When you add the Infinity control, Carrier humidifier and a matching Carrier air conditioner or heat pump to the Infinity 96 gas furnace, Ideal Humidity System technology gives you enhanced control over humidity levels for greater comfort even when your system isn’t calling for heating or cooling.* You’ll feel cooler at higher temperatures in the summer and warmer at lower temperatures in the winter.

Hybrid Heat

The Carrier HYBRID HEAT® dual fuel system delivers peace of mind to homeowners concerned about the unpredictable nature of utility costs. This system pairs the Infinity 96 gas furnace with an electric heat pump and Infinity control to provide comfort, economy and flexibility. Your Carrier HYBRID HEAT dual fuel system will automatically switch between electric and gas heating as needed to keep your home comfortable all winter long while optimizing the efficiencies of each fuel source.