Weil-McLain Boilers


Condensing High Efficiency Gas Boiler - Water 80, 105, 155, 230 and 310 MBH with 20-100% Modulation

ULTRA Innovative

Innovative combination of appearance, intelligence and technology.

ULTRA High Efficiency

Over 92% AFUE and 98% for low temperature applications.

ULTRA Attractive

The Ultra boiler features a new attractive design for installation in any setting.

ULTRA Intelligent

Features PhD Technology - an intelligent system that delivers Precision Hydronic heating and hot water needs while maximizing efficiency by measuring and responding to the Data parameters of your heating system.

ULTRA High technology

Cast mono block aluminum heat exchanger. Gas valve, blower and venturi technology that constantly maintains optimal air and fuel ratio at all firing rates.

For fast and easy installation, combine an Ultra PLUS Indirect-Fired Water Heater with your Ultra boiler installation.

Ultra PLUS water heaters come in three sizes:


Combined with an Ultra boiler, the Ultra PLUS water heater provides more domestic hot water when you need it, while taking advantage of the extremely high efficiency of the Ultra boiler. A standard feature of the Ultra boiler control module is domestic hot water priority control, providing quicker response time for domestic hot water demands, along with faster recovery times for the hot water tank.

The perfect match for an Ultra boiler is an Ultra PLUS Indirect-Fired Water Heater.